EGCR is happy to announce that we have TWO new members to our team!

Our first member is Barbara! Barbara is our Transcript Production Coordinator. Barbara is an insightful and determined individual, which makes her a great team player at EGCR. Her 8+ years of Court Reporting related experience has developed her to be knowledgeable and a great contribution to assist clients with all their needs.

me Welcome Barbara and Tony to EGCR!


Next, let’s welcome our new Videographer, Tony! If you are looking for someone willing to go the extra mile, Tony is your guy.  His background in legal videography will make him invaluable to our clients.

me Welcome Barbara and Tony to EGCR!

Please join us at EGCR and welcome our new teammates. Welcome Barbra and Tony to the EGCR team!


me Welcome Barbara and Tony to EGCR!0