13133118_10206509109986370_265227354794123146_n-Copy-Copy-225x300 When Doing the Right Thing Drives Your Passion: A Message from Elizabeth Gallo


“Buy, buy, buy, and sell!” – that was the driving principle of the company I was working at ten years ago. Throughout my tenure as a court reporter, I wanted to learn, gain experience, and do everything right. But to my disappointment, the firm I was working at cared only about one thing – faster growth so they can sell the company for a profit. With that single goal on their agenda, the management cared little for long-term success, treating employees right, or building solid customer relationship.

As I watched,  no one care about my rush transcripts not being delivered, and one day I had enough.   The decision to launch my company EGCR was made right there and then! Doing things right – treat the staff fairly, appreciate the reporters’ effort and dedication, value quality over quantity, and nurture the company’s long-term health – were my guiding principles. I started EGCR is 2006, and five years later, the company I was previously working for filed bankruptcy. One of the biggest business lessons I learned as a young entrepreneur, was that in a fast paced economic environment, if you don’t hold on to your values and ethics, you have nothing. I never take our success for granted, and we constantly strive to improve in all aspects of running a leading court reporting agency.

My team and I are always prepared to adapt and meet the changing needs of the legal services industry without ever compromising our stellar reputation or our clients’ trust. We love to keep our promises, over-deliver, and keep building not just success but a reputable name and future legacy.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and for being a part of our journey.



Elizabeth Gallo